Born in a small town in south-west region of Romania, Izzy Waan is a rock musician and a humble servant of the alchemy of sound. Starting as a bass player in several local bands, he was part of the avantgarde-experimental project "Grand Misfoolish Boardmachine" , project that has released two albums. Later, after the fall of the iron curtain, he founded the hard rock oriented project OCTOPUS together with Eti Blue and Ringo Warwick. The short-lived band Octopus was active on the local underground music scene. After playing with many bands and projects it was time for a solo career. The barriers and limitations of the mainstream music convinced Izzy to start experimenting with unorthodox instruments and recording techniques in order to achieve a unique sound. That's how the "SECOND HARMONIC" was born. A recording studio especially customized to translate the sonic visions onto tape or/and hard drive.