On 02 September 2016 “Forty Miles of Dusty Road” was released. This is the official debut album and it contains twelve songs. The overall sound embodies drone sequences, synth arpeggios and psychedelic sonic textures. Most of the composition are based on a theme of their own and all of them pieces of the whole puzzle that makes the final album. The audio material is presented  with its own style and ambience. The songs were recorded with VSTi synthesizers, home made analog gear, Yamaha SY35, Vermona Formation 2, electric & acoustic guitars. The idea was to create a soundtrack ambience for a metaphorical journey throughout the world. Dark ambiance and meditative state of mind follows you along the album bringing out the deepest fantasy on the edge of dream and reality. 




A different view of J.J. Cale's "Carry On", recorded as a tribute to the artist. The song was slowed down as a tempo in an attempt to increase the emotional response of the original version. Released as a single, on 24.02.2017 and it's available to download on Google Play.



Released on 01.03.2017 by Second Harmonic. On 4 October 1957, the soviet space program, launched Sputnik-1 into low earth orbit. This album is a homage to that achievement. The album contains 9 instrumental tracks. The Gryphon analog sequencer (hand made specially for this album) was used on tracks 2-Anode Power and 3-Semyorka. Based mainly on a cosmic-kraut-psychedelic sound texture, the album does break the barriers of a certain genre or style.




Recorded between 2004 – 2008, this EP contains five songs. Diversity is one of the key elements  which dominates this hard rock album. Made mostly from classic rock riffs, some of the songs have a certain nostalgia feel at some point. Each song fit into a more original structure even though, the audio material was recorded with a minimalist studio setup. Officially released on 21.06.2017.