Second Harmonic

The Second Harmonic Story

   The imperfections of analog circuitry, the famous warmth and small imperfections add something to the audio recordings that digital  just doesn’t offer. Tube overload adds a slight distortion enhancing the signal , transistors can be another source of beneficial non-linearity, magnetic tape has a unique touch of compression and distortion, called tape saturation which provide analog warmth and presence. Harmonics are distortion that results in extra information being added to the signal at particular points in reference to the original signal. The effects and processors at Second Harmonic are hand built and unique sounding due to the nature of the schematics and the concept used. The Second Harmonic offers a balanced mix of analog and digital tools in order to capture the emotion of the artist performance.

The Second Harmonic was conceived as a recording environment both friendly and efficient. Based mainly on Samplitude PRO X3 Suite which provides a digital DDP master for transferring your master to the pressing plant. Your finished, high-quality master is resistant to generation loss and ready for archiving thanks to duplication. The VCA fader in Samplitude ensures usability and comfort based on large analog mixing consoles. This fader lets you precisely control all relevant levels when mixing your projects.

The Second Harmonic is not a standard industry recording studio, it is more like an instrument and it can create music or sonic textures if used right. In the end the human touch plays an crucial role in the creation process. All the aspects of audio production are made specially to sound unique and out of touch with the mainstream sonic fashion.